Bacti Boost (Ball)

BallThe House of Kata Bacti Boost is the fast working solution for water quality problems and after the usage of medicines in the pond. Just put the Bacti Boost into your pond and right from the Boost hitting the water it will start doing his great work. Billions of bacteria and enzymes will set free which will start clean up organic waste and break down ammonia and nitrite. The fluid in which the Bacti Boost is in also contains bacteria, so add this also to your filter/pond.

It will restore the biological balance in your pond immediately so you get crystal clear and healthy pond water and so healthier Koi.


Dosing: for every pond content: as soon as the Bacti Boost is completely dissolved you can add a new one. Overdosing is not possible.  UV-C lamps don’t have to be switched off


200 ml.


Bacti Boost Ball