Expérience utilisateur

Thomas Bohsen (Denmark) Koi Consult / Koisan Denmark

We started using House Of Kata foods years ago to feed our Koi and have used nothing else since. From 2007 till 2013 together with our customers we took away 573 prices: 9 x Grand Champion, 2 x Jumbo Champion, 5 x Supreme Champion, 7 x Adult Champion, 3 x Mature Champion,2 x Young Chamion, 10 x Baby Champion, 1 x Most Unique Koi, 2 x Junior Tategoi, 1 x Senior Tategoion different shows: Holland Koi Show, Interkoi Germany, Euro Regio Koishow, Nordic Koishow, Tyskland, Dansk Koishow, Belgium indoor koi-show. All fish was fed with Royal mix .

In 2010 we start to test a combination of Royal Mix and Super Grower 50/50 and then we seeing a very high growth rates and superb skin quality. At the same time we are receiving excellent feedback from our many happy customers in and around Scandinavia. To have us recommend the food would not be fair as we are actually selling it; just take a look at the fish, they always tell the true story!!!


Heather Payne (England) Show Judge

Since changing to Royal mix I have noticed fussy eaters feed better and leave no waist.




Alan Coogan (England) Show Judge

Having used your Koi food now for the best part of four seasons (The Royal Mix and the Super Grower) I can say that it is the best food I have ever used, resulting in excellent growth rates and skin quality. The fish are in fantastic condition and as you know we walked away with 23 prizes at the National Show including 10 firsts. All the prizes were in sizes 6, 7 and 8. We also showed at the Essex Koi show and won Grand Champion, Mature Champion, and some other prizes as well. I have had the best growth rates for several years, a number of Koi that have hardly grown in recent years have grown two to three centimeters. Many Koi have grown between six and seven centimeters; these are all large Koi ranging now between 77 and 87 centimeters. The Kigoi that was bought from Sakai’s auction when you were with me 18 months ago (at the time 35 centimeters), is today 80 centimeters and has won best Kawari Mono size 7.



Bernie Woollands (England) Show Judge

I am currently trialing The Royal Mix and so far everything is looking promising.





Mr D Pope: (England) Show Judge

I like the food as it gives my Koi a varied diet without having to purchase a selection of foods which need to be mixed. I am extremely happy with the results so far.




Donald Stewart (Scotland) Hobbyist

I believe House Of Kata Royal Mix is the best all round food available.





Harry van Barreveld (Netherlands)

To me, House Of Kata Koi food is the best the market has to offer at this point in time. It leaves no coloration and hardly any waste even on heavy feeding programs. This means the food is very well digested by the Koi. I am more than satisfied with the development of our fish; the growth rate is above average and the color development splendid.

In 2006, I was awarded « Best Dutch Privateer » at the Hilvarenbeek Koi show. We took home nine first place prizes, seven second place prizes and a Champion award (Best in all size varieties). We could never have reached this achievement without the use of Super Grower and Royal mix.

Jose Antonio Saiz (Spain) Espanola del Koi

I have been feeding my Koi along with other Spanish fans since 2005, the Supreme Propolis and Royal Mix are the two favorites. We have been more than satisfied over the past six years. We have achieved excellent growth rates and great skin quality (maintaining the correct color). White (Shiro) is kept clean and intense. I am also pleased with the small residue left in the process of feeding the Koi; to me this is just as important. I also use Kamiac, which gives excellent results after water exchange processes and also helps to enhance the biological capacity of the filter. House of Kata is emerging as an innovative company, continually growing and provides a very good customer service.

Stefan Malm (Sweden) Nordic Koishow

I am using your food for my Koi and I am more than pleased with the result. They are growing well and the skin quality is 100%.

Masaru Saito (Japan) Japanese Breeder

Back in 2006, Alan San (Coogan) got me in contact with House Of Kata Koi Foods. This firm makes high quality Koi foods available for the larger market in Europe, but also in the rest of the world people seem to discover this great brand.





Jan van Schaik (Netherlands) Hobbyist

Experiences with feeding Royal mix: After testing a full season my experiences are very promising. Highlights: the fish enjoy eating it, I have noticed great growth this season, fewer waste and improved quality. I was most impressed with the remaining skin quality and gloss. High quality fish evolve very well on this food. The price versus quality is surprisingly good; this brand can match any « way more » expensive brand in the market! We will definitely keep using these « best buy » products.



Henk Timmer & Marianne Timmer (Netherlands)

Henk Timmer: Keeper of leading football clubs as. AZ, Ajax en Feyenoord, Marianne Timmer: Multiple Champion & Olympic Gold Medal Winner speed skating

We have deliberately chosen the House Of Kata products. We identify with the use of natural ingredients in this Koi food. As top athletes we know high-quality food is a necessity for top performances. Every type of sport needs an optimal food ratio between proteins, carbohydrates, fat, moisture, minerals, vitamins and other supplements. Due to this knowledge about well balanced food for ourselves we know what to present our Koi.

That Marianne is a pro on the area of balanced food shows from her book ‘Leaf you Fit’.In this book she offers the reader a peak into the kitchen of a top athlete. It helps guide you to a healthier life. Even though we are not all top athletes, everyone needs good food and a few basics to a healthier life.