Who is House of Kata


You have carefully chosen your fish and these beauties in your pond deserve the very best you can give them,  House of Kata .  In addition to the well-known line of foods based on natural ingredients , we offer a range of other products for your pond system .

Our name refers to ‘House’ and the Japanese ‘ KATA ‘ which include a translation of the word ‘shoulder’ . This is what we want to be;  a home that offers security and a shoulder that supports and guides .

We are a reliable partner from Holland with a wide network and a varied range of proven products; we are customer oriented and flexible which takes our focus.  We supply and distribute our products to pond specialists, national and international, both within and outside the EU. House of Kata has a solution for every type of question and if the solution is not yet there; it is our challenge to develop it.

If you have any questions after reading the information on this website, please feel free to contact us.

Highest Quality:
All Kata Koi Food products and Kata Koi Care medicines are carefully manufactured under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). This production method guarantees a very high product quality. This guarantees you the best product!

NVWA registered: The NVWA inspects the work of companies and monitors the composition of raw materials and feed . For NVWA it is important to know which risks to food safety, product safety , animal health and animal welfare are at stake for companies  . This is a requirement  to maintain correct supervision.  We are registered under number NVWA NR 09149840