The Bacteriastove has a heating and a cooling mode. The technical base for this is a thermo electric semiconductor (Peltier element) which allows the Bacteriastove to reach a temperature of about 60°C or cool down 18-25°C below the ambient temperature. A digital thermostat enables setting the temperature to the desired value. The possible temperature area is about 5° to 60°C. The case is made from special thermo plastic and has good insulating capabilities.

Place of Installation:
The Bacteriastove has a good insulation, however outside temperatures still have an influence on the temperature inside the Bacteriastove. Place the Bacteriastove in a dry location with a fairly constant temperature. Avoid direct sunlight!

Bacteriastove Settings: The Bacteriastove has an integrated transformer which allows you to directly connect it to the wall socket. As an option it can be used with a car adaptor and connected to 12V DC cigarette lighter. On the back of the Bacteriastove you will find the power connectors. The power cord with plug is connected to the socket marked AC 230V. If you want to use the Bacteriastove on a cigarette, plug the corresponding cable into the socket marked DC 12V. Make sure the switch on the back of the Bacteriastove is set to AC if you want to use it with 230V wall socket. For 12V operation on a cigarette lighter putthe switch on DC.

Interior Lighting – Press the LIGHT button to switch on the interior lighting
On/Off Switch – With the On/Off Switch on the left of the display the Bacteriastove can be switched on and off without having to pull the plug MUTE function – Put the switch on the back from NORMAL to MUTE to put the device into mute function. The fans will rotate slower and the device is quieter. At use bacteriedruk measuring aerator must be out

Temperature Setting up 35°C: Make the desired temperature setting by pressing the UP and DOWN key on the right of the display. With UP you can increase the temperature with DOWN you can decrease it. After setting the temperature the display will switch to show the current temperature. The temperature setting will be stored also during a power failure.

Technical Data: Operating voltage : 230V ~ 50/60 Hz, Rated Current : max 10 A, Power Consumption 230 W : approx.60 W, Power Consumption 12 V : approx. 55W


Total Count media slide en Swab

Koi Biosecurity Total Count media slide
(Covered with culture medium) for the quantitative microbial detection. Koi Biosecurity Total count media slide is coated with a dry culture medium and covered by a fabric. The fabric offers a perfect absorption of the applied sample solution. A transparent cover film avoids undesired contamination by micro-organisms in the air.

General information: The count indicates the number of colony forming units (CFU). The bacterial count is an indicator of the microbial status of production and environmental conditions.

How to take a water sample: Take a jar. The jar should be thoroughly cleaned. Preferably use a sterile container. Take some scrapings including water of the pond wall or quarantine system (± 20 ml) Close the jar and write the date and your name on the jar. The jar must be delivered to the dealer, dark and cool within 24 hours after sampling.

Preparation Total Count media slide: To determine the total contents in water samples. Needed: 1 Swap Tube and 1 Total Count media slide. Open the aluminum foil bag with scissors, take a Total Count Media slide from the aluminum foil bag. Write the name of the customer on the back and which it concerns; pond/quarantine water. Open the Swab Tube and shake the liquid from the swab. Dip the well-shook Swap in the water sample (jar) then back into the tube with liquid and leave for 20 seconds then shake slightly. Open transparent cover of the media slide, open the cover of the Swab Tube and drop a few drops (± 1 ml) of water sample on the slide media. Replace the transparent cover and rub it on until there is no more air in between. Place the Total Count media slide in the Bacteriastove

E. colli Media Slide & Swab set
Enterobacteria – Salmonella Media Slide & Swab set
Staphylococcen Media Slide & Swab set

Bacteriastove: Set to 35° C

Results: Determine the number CFU after 24 hours. Classifying the results according to the reference card.

Storage: Leave unused Koi Biosecurity Total Count media slides in the original foil bag and close the open bag with a clip. Store at 2 – 15 C ° (34 – 59 ° F). Use the Koi Biosecurity Total Count media slides within 12 months after opening the foil bag. Stained or soiled slides should not be used and thrown away.