500 gram is sufficient for 500.000 liter pond maintenance.

Virkona duoVirkonS®  is a pond disinfectant. It kills  It kills pathogens, reduces the bacteria germs (CFU Colony forming units), fights viruses, bacteria and fungi. Koi are usually held in closed circuit systems to ensure good health, many of the skills and knowledge refer to the ability of the hobbyist, to create optimal  filtering systems and thus an optimum water quality . In recent years, 2 very serious viral diseases have appeared, wich can lead to very serious loss in koi. These are called “Koi Herpes Virus (KHV) and” Spring Viraemia, both diseases among cyprinids. As with all viral diseases, there is no specific treatment available. Biosecurity measurements in combination with supportive measures, as applied in livestock branches, make sure that it does not spread. That is the maximum what can be achieved in this matter. Nowadays many owners of Koi and traders are much more aware of the danger. They feel the need for a form of Biosecurity as it is the only way to protect their often valuable property and safeguard these problems. Biosecurity for Koi owners is based on the same principles as consumptional fishfarming. However, now with the added complication of the closed circuit filter, which can be a haven for all kinds of infectious diseases. These biofilters, however, will be damaged or die when disinfectants are used. To prevent loss of Koi and reduce any virus diseases, we have successfully developed adapted Biosecurity programs. These programs help improve the health and welfare of Koi and are even used in commercial farms.
Virkon S ®  is what? Several viruses, including ‘Herpes’ form serious threats to Koi owners. Many fish are carriers without showing any signs of this. When these are put in contact with susceptible fish, they can-especially if there is stress, release the virus into the water, leading to infections and high mortality.  Independent evidence shows that Virkon is effective against most significant fish disease / pathogens. Recent research has shown that, if Virkon is continuously added to the water of fish farms, with a dosage of 2 grams per 1000 liters of water, Virkon dissolves in the water and shows only very low toxicity. This dose does not disinfect the water completely, such as concentrated disinfectants would, but purifies it and reduces availability of virus infections. It is better to speak of ‘a form of waterconditioning’ as of decontamination or disinfection. A very important feature for use in koi ponds of Virkon is that the level of pathogenic bacteria and some protozoan parasites in the water is greatly reduced. (The bacterial pressure). Studies in the USA with Koi have shown that continuous use of Virkon on carp in water at a dose of 8 grams per 1000 liters of water has no harmful effect on the health of the fish. Virkon is proven highly effective against herpes and Rhabdo viruses. Unlike fishfarms Koi are held in closed circuit systems with biological filters in which water circulates. This makes the continuous dosing with fresh water very difficult. Because different viruses, including “Herpes” are such a big potential problem, “DuPont’s Animal Health Solutions searched for a solutution in cooperation with Biosecurity. A system is developed, which under normal circumstances will give a good water condition at the Koi owner. All this without negative effect on the operation of biological filters or  the concentration of Virkon reaching toxic levels.
Virkon is essentially a powerful complex formulated virus killing disinfectant for disinfection of aquatic equipment. It is now used effectively in many Koi ponds in Europe and USA to purify the water of different viruses, including ‘herpes’ at a dose of 8 grams per 1,000 liters of water. Because all Koi filters, pond systems and water chemistry are different everywhere, this document may only be issued on a consultative basis.
The Purification of the water in koi ponds with Virkon Most koi ponds are equipped with a pump, a microbiological filter and a UV lamp. Before dosing UV and / or ozone components ares to be switched off. After dosing, once Virkon is circulated in the pond water, UV and / or ozone may be turned back on. Make sure that the circulation pump(s) are working, while spreading Virkon.
Dosage / Usage: Mix Virkon S  ® in a bucket of water and spread it evenly over the pond / quarantine. Switch off any UV and / or ozone equipment. After dosing, once Virkon circulated in the pond water  UV and / or Ozone may be turned back on.  Preventive use: For a constant lowered bacterial pressure and continuously conditioned pondwater dose 1 gram on a 1000 liters of pond water weekly. It is very important to refresh 5-10% of the water volume prior to the weekly re-dosage.  Preventive use Spring / Autumn: To reduce the bacterial pressure in a period of three weeks, dose 2 grams to 1000 liters of pond water weekly. It is very important to refresh 5-10% of the water volume prior to the weekly re-dosage.
Preventive use in placing new Koi in quarantine system: Stick to a quarantine period of several weeks. Dose 2 grams to 1000 liters of water at a frequency of 2 times per week.   It is very important to refresh 5-10% of the water volume prior to the weekly re-dosage.  Preventive use in pond after quarantine period: to reduce the bacterial pressure over a period of three weeks, dose 2 grams to 1000 liters of pond water weekly. It is very important to refresh 5-10% of the water volume prior to the weekly re-dosage. After this period, place the fish in the pond. For persistent viruses and bacteria: In 7 days consecutive, dose 5 gram to 1000 liters of pond water. At this treatment level it is essential that you change 10% of the water volume weekly.

Routine: Dose as follows: add the desired amount of Virkon to 10 liters of pond water. Stir until the powder has dissolved and gradually add the solution to the pond water. A dispensing system can easily be made from a plastic bucket where at the bottom a hole is punctured. The solution is slowly released to the water. Make sure that the pumps are operating, so that distribution is optimal. Virkon contains a small amount of lipophilic surfactant, especially active against viruses of external enclosures. This substance can accumulate on the water surface and produce foam over time, especially if the required water changes are not enforced.
Warning: Irritating to skin, Risk of serious damage to eyes, Keep out of reach of children, Avoid contact with skin and eyes In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of  water and seek medical advice, Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye/face This material and its container must be disposed of as hazardous waste
How does Virkon work: Virkon  is a unique patented formulation based on a complex system where a number of oxidizing biocides are simultaniously effective on the same physical and chemical components of a pathogen. The addition of a surfactant increases the permeability, the presence of a buffer stabilizes the low pH and optimizes disinfection. Works with organic pollution and is temperature insensitive. The formulation as a powder makes it easy to transport (no ADR) and store.

Suspicious Circumstances When there is a suspicion of infection of the Koi Herpes Virus (KHV) or an infection of “Spring Viraemia Virus” in a population Koi, the obviously affected fish need to be removed immediately. A specialist vet must be consulted at this stage. The water of the remaining healthy fish should immediately be dosed 5 grams Virkon per 1.000 liters of water to purify it (see dosage schedule). At this treatment level it is essential that at least 10% of the water is changed weekly prior to the next dosage. Great care and point of attention is that stress with the fish must be absolutely avoided. If these fish seem to stay healthy, water treatment with Virkon can  be reduced on both dosage and frequency eventually to zero. Clearly, however, diseased fish should be removed as described above. REMEMBER that Virkon does not treat the fish, IT IS NOT MEDICINE!. It purifies the water only to reduce the infectious virus levels in the water. Therefore there is no point in using a plungebath to treat fish with Virkon.
Effects on biological filters Virkon ®  will, by its nature, kill bacteria. So this will have an effect on biological filters. However, at a routine weekly maintenance dose, provided that 5-10% of pond water is changed before a new dose added, it should not affect the effectiveness of the biological filter. When a higher dose will be used and / or a higher frequency of dosing, some foam may develop. This is not dangerous. The lipophilic surfactant (hydrophobic) that causes this is essential as part of the antiviral activity. When the foam occurs and this is perceived as a problem, a lower dose may be used accompanied by increased water changes until there is no foam on the water. Given the enormous variety of existing Koi filter and pondsystems, water chemistry, we cannot be held responsible for any effect on fish or filter.Users (Koi keepers) have experienced that a good indicator of the use of Virkon at the right level, the  water in the pond shows a clean and slightly crystalline appearance. This can be a useful indicator but this effect does not necessarily occur in every pond system.  Unfortunately, due to the very low recommended / concentrations of Virkon, we have not yet been able to develop an accurate testkit for measuring concentrations in water. But we keep working on the development. It is possible to carry out a water test through your dealer, which gives a good indication of the level of bacteria in your pond. For more information, consult the website of the supplier and / or consult your dealer.
WARNING. Despite the wide experience of safe use of Virkon Aquatic, by the great diversity of pond systems, no responsibility can be taken for any loss related to the use of Virkon. Please note that a disease as “Spring Viraemia of Carp” or “KHV” must be reported, either to your vet or an authority in many countries. Even if you only have suspicions that this disease appears in a pond.
House of Kata Halamid-d

For disinfection of the pond after viruses or bacteriaThroughout the entire year you do your utmost to keep your fish in good condition and health. Nothing is more annoying than the great danger that hides in small things. This being the disinfection of pond and tools. You treat your fish, only net them when absolutely necessary, wear gloves during wound treatment, but has it ever occurred to you that there is a huge risk in contaminated nets or bowls? The serious koi hobbyists, even as the koi dealers are aware of this danger en take precaution measures. House of Kata helps them and once again comes up with the proper solution.

halamid-d nieuw

Micro organismen Halamid-d®

Micro Organismen PDF

House Of Kata Halamid-d® Halamid-d® is active against white spot disease, costia, bacterial gill infections and external bacterial infections. Besides that is an excellent disinfection for your pond and tools after viral or bacterial problems. We advise you to only use Halamid-d® if advised by a veterinarian or qualified expert.
Benefits Due to the chemical reaction with micro-organisms there will occur no tolerance or resistance against Halamid-d®. Halamid-d® continues to work for a longer period of time. It is in no way aggressive/corrosive to metals or other materials. By disinfecting the pond/quarantine with Halamid-d® parasites such as white spot (ichthyophthirius), Gyrodactylus, Costia, Chilodonella as well as fungi (Saprolegnia), algae and water pollution through bacteria are removed.

No tolerance/resistance Halamid-d®  is a disinfectant. Its effectiveness is based on latent chlorine and oxygen. It is commonly used in the agricultural and animal-care sector. The products is known for the very high level of stable and active substance. Halamid-d® initiates a chemical reaction (oxydation, in fact a combustion reaction) with micro-organisms. Therefore it is not possible that tolerance or resistance against Halamid-d® occurs.

Koi dealers Particularly Koi dealers have to deal each season with different fish from different sources. Nets and bowls are frequently used and exchanged. In that case you are very keen on preventing cross-contamination. Mostly that is done by using different filters. But besides that it is of great importance that nets, koisocks and bowls are disinfected after each use. The better dealer will disinfect his tools visibly before use. By prefer that is done with House of Kata Halamid-d®.

Dosage / use Calculate in advance precisely the contents of the pond: length by width by depth. In case of parasites: add 3 gram per 1000 liters of pond water. Mix Halamid-d® in a bucket of water and spread equally over aquarium, pond or quarantine. In case of egg laying parasites we advise a second treatment after 10 days. A week after the last treatment refresh 10 % of the water.

Contamination If contamination, such as white spot, is proved that the treatment with Halamid-d® should be repeated 3 or 4 times with each time a minimal interval of three days. Increasing the water temperature of the aquarium / quarantine or pond till 28° C. speeds up the cycle of white spot and the disinfection will therefore lead to faster results.
Dip: 1 gram per 7,5 liter water, for a maximum of 3 minutes. Make sure the water in the bowl is well aerated during the dip. In case of signs of stress immediately place the koi back in the pond. If contamination, such as white spot, is proved that the treatment with Halamid-d® should be repeated 3 or 4 times with each time a minimal interval of three days.
Beware: In case of soft acidic water (pH below 7), dose only half the amount. In case of very acidic water (pH below 4) it is strongly advised to temporary relocate the fish until the Halamid-d®  is no longer active. Never increase the dosage of Halamid-d®.

Warning: No smoking while using Halamid-d® . Avoid contact with eyes and skin, wear plastic gloves. Dangerous if taken in. Keep out of reach from children. No feeding during treatment. Filters should be short circuited and well aerated. Halamid-d®  is not to be combined with medicines or salt. Doing so is at your own risk. Halamid-d®  is not to be used if the percentage of salt is over 0,3 %. Halamid-d®  is not to be used at a water temperature below 13 °C.

Disinfecting accessories / plants: Used accessories, nets, bowls and new plants are to be placed during 15 minutes in a bucket of tap water with 150 gram Halamid-d® per 10 liters. Never increase the dosage. Only to be used if advised by a veterinarian or qualified expert. The use of Halamid-d®  in the give dosages and frequencies is not harmful for plants or fish. Halamid-d®  as well as disinfecting in general kan temporarely disturb the biological balance in the pond water. To rapidly restore this it is advisable to support your filters by

Recommendation for dealers: Place used nets and koisocks in a bowl with tapwater, add 200 gram Halamid-d® per 10 liters of tapwater.  Regularly refreshing of water is advisable. The effectiveness of Halamid-d® can be determined with testers (Kalium-jodidepaper). Our advisors will be happy to assist you with the testing while visiting your company.

Admission: According to the “Nederlandse Bestrijdingsmiddelenwet” 8241 N W2. Active element: natrium-p-tolueensulfonchlooramide. Halamid-d®  is legally admitted as disinfection against bacteria and viruses.

Veiligheidsblad Halamid-d®

Veiligheidsblad Halamid-d PDF

Medical & Net Cleaner

We have designed an Effective cleaner composed of three different types of alcohol with ethanol as the main ingredient. The alcohol content is 85 volume percent. It’s fast and does not stick after evaporation.

For everything that must be clean and fresh. Not sticky after drying, even after repeated use. Use: For an effective cleaning of your tools and nets spray the materials thoroughly. Then leave the treated materials to air dry. Package: 500 ml bottle with vaporizer Note:  Avoid contact of the product with textile.

Desinfection Mat

A hygienic and safe solution for the entrance of your shop. size: 60x90x4 cm, including cover Disinfection mats are used at the entrance of high risk places like shows. The mat has a cover to ensure that used substances can not leak uncontrolled in the environment. The cover ensures the upward movement of the liquid when treading on the mat.
Patented De mats and cover are patented and in the U.S. the patent is pending: Netherlands: Patent nr. 1007566 USA: US 6,258,435 B1 U.S. Dep. Of Com. Patent and Trademark Office Material Polyether foam inner covered and protected by a polypropylene material (special weave) with high tear strength and very durable.
Durable and washable The polyether inner of the mat is enveloped in an extremely strong and durable polypropylene woven material. The material is tightly woven, open yet the dirt particles cannot penetrate the inner easily. The polyether inner absorbs the disinfectant or treatment product. The product allows a rapid flow of liquid, thus when compressed the liquid will flow to the contact area rapidly for better results. Easy to use The mat can be put down on any flat surface without connection or installation. The inside of the mat can be used on both sides.
Advice: We advise you to change your disinfectant product regularly. Clean the mat by rinsing, compressing and rinsing again till the rinsing water is clear. Hang out to dry and refill with product the next day. Cover The mat is supplied with a cover. The cover assures that almost no liquid will leek away in the environment, especially on porous, or uneven surfaces. You will use less product and get better results.