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Royal Mix

royalRoyal Mix is a koi food with a mix of pellet sizes: 2mm, 3mm and 4,5 mm.
We have made the food very convenient: Royal Mix is a supreme quality complete koifood with the most unique natural ingredients House of Kata can offer. Amongst others it contains: Zeolite, Garlic and Propolis, 3 different types of shrimp, Montmorillonite clay and an extra premix of vitamins.
The best of the best mixed together in one packing; suitable for those who wish to combine quality with convenience.

Royal Mix also contains the natural pigments and protein of super components from three different continents: Krill, Russian and Asian Shrimp. These shrimp assist growth, re-growing damaged tissue and the production of rou and seeds. Protein is important for Nishikigoi; a lack of protein will stall growth and in the long term- can cause the spinal cord to grow out of shape. Also added in the food are spirulina, astaxanthine and paprika. The rich amount of protein, vitamins and minerals make this the perfect food for gaining weight in a short period of time. By doing so your Nishikigoi will be much better protected against infections and parasites during the season.
Nishikigoi which have been transported or treated with medication will benefit from Royal Mix in order to regain their resistance.

Royal mix detailDuring the summer period the Nishikigoi can develop at their utmost, both in size and colour. By feeding Royal Mix you can be sure that your Nishikigoi will show the best colours possible and grow well and healthy. Especially the red and orange colours are intensified with no negative side effect on the white colour.

Feeding Advice: Feed if water temperature is above 10 degrees celcius.

Ingredients: Protein 42%, carbonhydrates 30%, Ash 8,5%, crude fat 10%, Krill, Russian / Asian shrimp, White fish meal, clay minerals, Propolis, garlic, Zeolite, Carotenoids, Astaxanthine, Spirulina, Paprika, Vitamin A 10.000 I.E/kg, Vitamin B3 1500 I.E/kg, Vitamin E 150 I.E/kg, Vitamin C 120 I.E/kg.


Super Grower

supergrowerDuring the summer the Nishikigoi develop at their utmost, both in colour and size. Super Grower provides fast growth and bright colours and is very suitable if you want your fish to gain weight in a short period of time. High growth is specifically suited for young fish and also suitable to increase the resistance of the fish; due to the high quality raw material this food is easy to digest.

Growth is provided by the adding of extra premix of amongst others: vitamine E, C en several vitamine B. Krill, spirulina, astaxanthine and paprika are the natural pigments and the four super ingredients which are beneficial for the colours of the Nishikigoi. The colours red and orange are most intensified without having side effects on white. These four ingredients make this formula a favourite of many serious koi keepers and Japanese Nishikigoi breeders. Super Grower is a very nutritious floating food, made of pure, natural ingredients.

Feeding Advice: Feed if water temperature is above 15 degrees celcius.


Ingredients: carbohydrates 38%, protein 35%, ash 8%, crude fat 7%, spirulina 3%,  carotene, astaxanthine, spirulina, paprika, krill, white fish meal, montmorillonite clay, vitamin A, 10000 I.E/kg, vitamin B3 1500 I.E/kg, vitamin E 150 I.E/kg, vitamin C 150 I.E/kg.


Quatro Color

quatroThe summer season provides your Nishikigoi the optimal circumstances to develop in color as well as in size. By using Quatro Color your Nishikigoi will show high growth rates and bright color development.

The excellent use of natural pigments will optimize and enhance the colors of your Nishikigoi in particular the red and orange colors become brighter without having a negative influence on the white parts of the Nishikigoi. The four components; krill, spirulina, astaxanthine and paprika extracts make this formula a favorite of many serious hobbyists and Japanese breeders.
The rich quantity of protein, vitamins and minerals in this food will ensure your Nishikigoi to certainly grow.

Montmorillonite clay is added to remove the toxin from the body and to improve performance of your Nishikigoi. The advantage is that the quantity of excrements (which presses heavily on the capacity of your filter) will decrease considerably.
The water quality and the environment of the Nishikigoi will definitely improve; the colors will become brighter and the white more clearer. Your fish will show an increased appetite and strength. It is also an important mineral that makes your Nishikigoi feel at home as if they were in an original Japanese mud pond. It accelerates growth and improves the health of the Nishikigoi.

Feeding Advice: Conduct as from 8 degrees water temperature. Due to the low water temperature in the winter period your Nishikigoi will stay at the bottom of the pond. They will eat less, so feed them less. For optimal feeding we advise you to use Balance Sinking from House of Kata.

Use when water temperature is above 8 degrees

Ingredients: carbohydrates 40%, protein 38%, ash 7,5%, crude fat 7%, carotene,  astaxanthine, spirulina, paprika, krill, white fish meal, clay minerals,  vitamin A 10.000 I/E/kg, vitamin B3 1500 I E/kg, vitamin E 150 mg/kg, vitamin C 120 mg/kg.


Danish Mix


Danish Mix 9053 20litComplete feed for pond fish. A super-growth food with probiotic effect provides full body and deep color. Her probiotic effect contributes to excellent skin quality, improved growth, increased resistance, great colors and a good body of your Koi. Exceptional ingredients such as zeolite, garlic and propolis. Natural pigments and proteins Krill, Russian and Asian shrimp enriched with an additional premix of vitamins. Not suitable for ruminants.

Usage: from 10 degrees water temperature.

 Ingredients: carbohydrates 34%, protein, protein 38%, ash 8%, crude fat 8%, spirulina 3%, astaxanthin, Russian / Asian shrimp, carotenoids, peppers, krill, whitefish meal, montmorillonite clay, vitamin A 10,000 IE/ kg, vitamin B3 1500 IE/kg, vitamin C 130 mg/kg, Vitamin E 140 mg/kg.


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