House of Kata: Mini T-Shirts
Tancho, Showa, Kohaku









Pluche Koi

Edition Size 35 cm
Patent Nr. 40304649.1







Key rings


sleutelhanger Tancho


sleutelhanger Kohaku


Kata Koi Car Stickers

Tancho, Kohaku, Showa: Full Color Vinyl , Water and UV resistant

3 pieces a 7 cm, 3 pieces a 14 cm, 3 pieces a 21 cm








House of Kata PondView




We try to do our utmost to maintain clear water so we can see our fish well. And so we can fully enjoy our living jewels. But there is one factor we can not control: daylight. The light reflects on the water and makes it difficult to see the fish clearly. We proudly introduce the PondView, glasses with polarizing qualities, with a light, clear color that hardly effects the colors of your Koi.  The glass of the PondView neutralizes the annoying shining, f.e. the reflecting sunlight on the water, the moments where white light reflects.

Ideal for use:
– When buying new fish in the tank in the shop; – Visual check of your fish without netting them – Checking the bottom drain in the pond; – Checking the pump on the bottom of the drain; – Checking the bottom for leaves or any other materials left behind; – Or simply for enjoying your fish as if you saw them above water.  Normally the light is disturbed by the reflection. As it were, the light waves no longer keep up with each other. But with the PondView only the vertically orientated light waves pass, thus diminishing almost all annoying reflection and flickering. We all know what it’s like to pace up and down along side the pond to follow a fish and avoid the annoying flickering on the water. If we could, we would like to see beyond the water. The PondView allows your eyes to observe the fish without the annoying reflection. Your view improves enormously and because of the absence of reflection it is possible to look clearly in the water. Thus allowing you to observe your koi much better, as well ass the bottom drain, rocks, waterpump, plants and any objects below the water surface. Should you ever have to net a koi, it will be much easier with the PondView
Needless to say this is a big advantage in our hobby.
Improving the sight with PondVieuw is not just because of polarization. Just the right shade of amber of the lenses ensures a considerable increasing of the contrast. Colors that are very similar distinguish themselves more and therefore more details can be observed. Besides that the PondView neutralizes most of the bleu light and that also allows you to see your koi more clearly.
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