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Koi Biosecurity

Koi Biosecurity

This website has been set up to give every Koi lover a platform where they can get information to get and keep their Koi as healthy as possible. This comes down to conditioning the environment where the Koi are: The pond, the water and everything that goes with it. We call this process Koi Biosecurity.

Koi Biosecurity: Why is it so important?

Due to the upcoming stricter legislation concerning the use of medicines on animals, and therefore also on our finned friends the Nishikigoi, conditioning the pond and the associated filters will become increasingly important. This changing legislation ensures that medicines will soon only be available from the vet and no longer from your koi dealer. As a result, you will be much more expensive if you need medication.

Koi Biosecurity has a number of goals that we want to achieve. A few are mentioned below:

  • Create and maintain a healthy living environment for your Koi.
  • To increase the knowledge of the Koi enthusiast.
  • Awareness of Koi Biosecurity through recognition of symptoms and control of diseases.
  • Taking and implementing preventive measures for pharmacy prevention of problems & diseases.
  • Anticipate upcoming laws and regulations regarding restriction/prohibition of various (medicinal) agents & antibiotics.
  • More and good guidance on healing should it go wrong.

This can be done in 2 ways:

Preventive (prior to and as a preventive measure)
Elaboration in the next menu.

Corrective (retrospective treatment)
Elaboration in the next menu.



The question we are asking is whether we will still be able to keep our fish healthy in 2020. Antibiotics are becoming more difficult to obtain and resistance is on the lookout. Essential medicines are being locked away and are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain.

The Koi hobby (actually we are talking about keeping water) has halved the use of medicines in the last 15 years, which is good news and is mainly due to the gathering and sharing of current knowledge. On the other hand, the medicines used are subject to resistance and have a polluting effect on our living environment. We are slowly destroying our own world. Every initiative that contributes to a better environment should be embraced so that we can pass on a better world to our children.


Ask yourself the following important questions:

  • What footprint are we – and you – leaving behind for our children?
  • What impact does the contamination of surface water by medicines have on your pond?
  • There is already legal regulation, is it already strictly enforced? (Not yet!)
  • What medicines will be available to us in the next ten years?
  • Will we eventually be forced to stop the Koi hobby?
  • Can we take steps for a better future NOW?

The answer to that last question is already there, a clear YES!

House of Kata is in motion and always thinks ahead. In fact: House of Kata is now known as a developer of solutions for keeping Koi! Help build a sustainable future for yourself and our children by passing on – together – a cleaner environment.

The solution is both effective and simple according to our R&D department!

As a progressive specialist in the industry, House of Kata takes the next step; “food with an antibiotic supported by a written certificate from the veterinarian”. In short, customised treatment, easy to carry out at home and complete in accordance with doctor’s advice.

The result? Only profit ! The treatment is targeted and accurate. There is a much lower load on the much needed CFU (Colony Forming Units) of beneficial bacteria. A consequence of this is the prevention of elevated values of Ammonium, Ammonia or Nitrite in your pond water.

And finally, it reduces the ecological footprint by no less than 85%*.

Do you have a bacterial problem? A safe and simple 5-step approach is now available.

  • Contact an affiliated veterinarian and have an antibiogram done.
  • The veterinarian writes a certificate for treatment.
  • After payment to the veterinarian, he or she sends the medication to House of Kata.
  • After payment to House of Kata, the medicinal feed will be formulated especially for you.
  • Within 48 hours you will have your solution in the form of medicated feed.

Simple calculation example

A 20m3 pond that requires an antibiotic treatment of 5 grams per 1m3 requires the application of 100 grams of antibiotics. In this case, only 15 grams are needed in 3kg of feed. A saving of no less than 85%.

Conclusion: with the right diagnosis, significantly fewer drugs mean less strain on the pond and less strain on the surface water. Thus more sustainable for the environment and animal welfare!