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Mission Statement

As an authority in the market, develop improvement with input from consumers and retailers , and offer quality products with added value for the pond hobby and in the Koi hobby.

With our distinctive products , we support and guide the hobbyist and the pond hobby in practice where the welfare of the fish is our central focus.

We are an innovative consumer-oriented manufacturer / wholesaler in the market of Koi pond related products . Our dynamic company offers a complete line of high-quality products , perfect for any pond hobbyist . The emphasis of our range is on keeping Nishikigoi. The latest innovations are better known under the name Koi biosecurity; a collective name for creating and maintaining a healthy living environment for Koi .

“We are a knowledge partner in the area of ponds and the health of fish.”

Our proactive approach ensures a continuous drive to innovate the benefit of the welfare of Nishikigoi . Many renewed products which have been introduced on the market under our own name, are evidence of our drive to improve the habitat of the fish in your pond .