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Kamiac Refill Set Large


For those who have worked with the Kamiac before, a Refill is available. A pot of 1000 grams of Micro Bacteria and a pot of 1000 ml Bacteria Nutrient. In total good for 800,000 litres of water.


The Micro Bacteria, which contain six carefully selected different heterotrophic bacterial strains, must be activated for use in your filter by adding water and Bacteria Nutrient. 1 litre mix (of water, Bacteria Nutrient and Micro Bacteria) is good for 40,000 litres of pond water. Above 5 ° C there is a beginning of multiplication of live bacteria takes place.

  1. Take the 1 litre (1000 ml) inner container.
  2. Fill this cup halfway (500 ml) with warm water.
  3. Add 50 ml. Bacteria Nutrient.
  4. Then fill the cup to 950 ml with lukewarm water.
  5. While stirring, add the 50 g. Micro Bacteria into the beaker.
  6. Place the cup in the holder of the Kamiac.
  7. Close the inner cup with the valve-covered lid.
  8. Pour hot water between the white cup and the Kamiac.
  9. Now close the Kamiac completely with the transparent lid.
  10. Switch on the Kamiac.
  11. The Kamiac ensures a constant temperature.
  12. Allow the mixture to activate for one day.
  13. After that, the Kata Micro Bacteria are ready to use.
  14. Distribute the Micro Bacteria over your filter.

Maintenance of pond and filter
If you do not measure any ammonium after using the Kamiac, then regularly (weekly) adding Bacterial Feeding is sufficient. However, if you do measure ammonium or nitrite, repeat the treatment.

If you want to keep your pond water in the best possible condition and as clear and free from thread algae as possible, dissolve 50 ml of Bacterial Feeding in water and distribute the contents through the filter system once a week.

Medication use
After using medication in your pond, it is advisable to additionally support your filter with the bacteria from the Kamiac.

Two unique qualities of the Kamiac combined:

The Kamiac bacteria are resistant to potassium permanganate, so in the event of a treatment with this substance, the filters can simply continue to run; short-circuiting is not necessary. This makes optimal control possible. In addition, the Kamiac bacteria have the unique property of making the water extremely clear. This second quality makes decolourisation (with Oxy-P or hydrogen peroxide) after the treatment no longer necessary. You can simply distribute a litre of Kamiac mix through the filter 12 hours after the last addition of KP. Your pond will clear up just as if you had applied decolourisation. If the volume of your pond is greater than 40,000 litres, you should repeat this again.

Please note:
You should always keep Oxy-P or hydrogen peroxide handy during treatment, in case you need to perform an ’emergency stop’!