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Koi Vital


Koi Vitaal can strengthen the natural defence and immune system of the fish through the combination of the balanced composition including Aloe-Vera, Povidon, Aspirin powder and Vitamin C. It can improve resistance to pathogens and the healing of wounds, allowing the skin to recover. An ideal product to protect your fish under “stress” conditions, such as during or after transport, after taking medicine, when catching fish or when introducing new fish into the pond. An ideal product for use before and after a Koi show. And if the fish are a bit drowsy in the pond, adding Koi Vitaal will condition the water and make it possible for the fish to become active again. Furthermore, Koi Vitaal is extremely suitable as an emergency measure during a Potassium Permanganate treatment. Should it go wrong during such a treatment, you can immediately stop the treatment with Koi Vitaal.

Shake well before use.

1 litre for 20,000 litres.