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Your fish, our concern.

Our products

All products named Kata Koi Foods and Kata Koi Care medicines are carefully produced according to the GMP method.
This allows us to guarantee products of absolute top quality!

About us

We at House of Kata are areliable partner from the Netherlands with an extensive network. Within this network, our products are known for their provenquality and variety. Klantgerichtheid en dus flexibel ondernemerschap staan bij ons centraal. We supply and distribute our products to wholesalers and pond specialty stores, nationally and internationally, both within and outside the EU. For every problem House of Kata has a solution, and if it is not there yet? Then it is our challenge to develop them!

Our vision

As an authority in the market with input from consumers and dealers, we develop and improve quality products with added value for the pond hobby in general and the Koi hobby in particular. We then supply these quality products to wholesalers and pond retailers.

With our distinctive and innovative products, we support and guide the hobbyist in practising the pond hobby, focusing on the well-being of the fish.

We are a proactive, consumer-oriented producer/wholesaler of Koi and pond-related products. Our dynamic company offers a complete line of high-quality products, ideal for every pond hobbyist. The emphasis of our range is on keeping Nishikigoi. The most recent innovations are better known as Koi biosecurity, a collective term for creating and maintaining a healthy living environment for Koi.



At House of Kata we can provide you with customised packaging. For example, you can get our products delivered with your own logo on them.

With our own production hall and extensive machinery, we are equipped for a wide range of products and compositions. As a result, we have more than enough capacity to help your business as well.