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Private Label

This is the part of our company that cares for customized packaging. We feature a wide range of products and assemblies. With our flexible approach, we provide our clients with appropriate answers to all packaging needs. The presence of its own production facility with a large machine park provides adequate solutions in the field of liquids, powders and granules. With more than enough capacity to also relieve your company.

Quality and service are highly valued in our company.

The process therefore takes place under the strict quality standards of the nVWA (New Food Commodities Authority). Our quality system is fully described in a quality manual. With this we apply to prescribed legal standards and you are guaranteed the best quality.

Private Label

When you want to bring your customized products, under your company name or own brandname, on the market, we are your best partner. Customer specific products are expertly and quickly produced and packaged for you. We are able to provide good quality products at a competitive price. Flexible delivery available because we have a flat organization, we can also switch quickly and avoid unnecessary miscommunication.

A major advantage of private label is the increased customer loyalty to your business because these products are only in available at your store. In addition, private label products often are cheaper to purchase and thereby offer you a good profit margin.

NVWA registrated

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (nVWA) monitors the health of animals and plants, animal welfare and safety of food and consumer products, and maintains the natural law. Contaminants in animal feed can be a danger to the health of animals and people. Feed businesses must therefore monitor whether their raw materials are clean, and build their own production processes according to the principles of HACCP.

The nVWA inspects the work of companies and monitors the composition of raw materials and feed. For nVWA it is important to know which risks to food safety, product safety, health or welfare at companies is in dispute. This is a prerequisite to monitor correctly. Therefore companies need to turn to the nVWA for registrations, licenses, approvals, waivers or consents.

We are registered under number: NVWA NR 211434